10 Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

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  1. WHAT TYPE OF LAW DOES YOUR FIRM PRACTICE?Many firms have a team of lawyers who handle a variety of case law. Be sure the attorney handling your case concentrates in the area of law that pertains to your case.
  2. WHO WILL BE HANDLING MY CASE?Make sure you know the lawyer who will be handling your case. Some lawyers just recruit clients and then subcontract the cases out to another lawyer for a portion of the fee.
  3. WHAT OTHER AREAS OF LAW DO YOU PRACTICE?It is almost impossible to keep up to date in every legal practice area. Choose an attorney whose primary experience is in the practice areas limited to or related to your needs.
  4. WHAT PERCENTAGE OF YOUR PRACTICE IS IN THE SAME TYPE OF LAW AS MY CASE?Look for an attorney who regularly practices in the area of law your case requires.
  5. HOW MANY CASES OF THIS TYPE HAVE YOU HANDLED BEFORE?Make sure the attorney has handled a significant number of cases in the same area of law as your case.
  6. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING LAW?Remember, there is no substitute for experience.
  7. WHAT BAR ASSOCIATIONS DO YOU BELONG TO?Attorneys who belong to specific legal practice associations are committed to practice in a specific area of law. Furthermore, these associations provide member attorneys with valuable information, resources and assistance specific to the area of practice.
  8. WHAT IS YOUR JURY TRIAL EXPERIENCE?Look for an experienced trial attorney if your case might require litigation.
  9. HOW ARE YOUR FEES AND COSTS CALCULATED?Be sure you understand if you will be paying legal fees on a contingency, flat rate or hourly basis. Don’t forget to ask what you should expect to pay in court costs.
  10. MAY I HAVE A FIRM BROCHURE OR A RESUME DESCRIBING YOUR LEGAL QUALIFICATIONS?A firm brochure should give you some background information on the principal attorneys and should also help you to determine if the firms experience matches your legal needs.